Can My Business Get Accredited?
Inspection and verification accreditation is offered to all Inspection and Verification services from one person operations to in-house manufacturing inspection and verification services and wholly independent inspection and verification bodies. If your business conducts any type of inspection and verification, KENAS Inspection and Verification Accreditation provides credible and independent recognition of your expertise.

Why Should I Seek Inspection and Verification Accreditation with KENAS?
1.KENAS has systems that balance the needs for transparency with those of confidentiality and provides impartial and technically-focused evaluation of competence.
2.As the sole accreditation body recognised by the Government of Kenya, KENAS’s operations are monitored by IAF, ILAC, industry, government and professional bodies, some of whose representatives make up KENAS’s Board.
3.KENAS’s accreditation programs use internationally-recognised standards. Technically focused criteria include evaluation of technical competence, an aspect not provided by certification processes such as ISO 9000 certification. This specific technical evaluation, combined with KENAS’s international recognition by its overseas counterparts, offers KENAS accredited organisations world-wide recognition of their technical expertise. KENAS is also active in, and represents its members at, national and international forums and conferences relating to accreditation standards and practice.