Steps to Accreditation

The following are simple steps required by any conformity body seeking accreditation to follow.

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Step 1: Inquiry through telephone e-mail, fax and or contacts with KENAS staff.
Step 2: Formal response by responsible KENAS officer on terms and conditions applicable to the provision of accreditation service by KENAS including training where necessary.
Step 3: Formal application for accreditation by the client.
Step 4: Review of application including support documentation provided by the applicant.(Desk assessment).
Step: 5 Formal responses by KENAS to applicant laboratory regarding the outcome of the review of the application and the client’s documentation.
Step 6: An On-site assessment.
Step 7: Follow-up assessment of the client for determination of effective implementation of the Corrective Action Requests (CARs) raised.
Step 8: Decision by the KENAS Accreditation Committee as regards outcome and or report of the assessment.
Step 9: Formal communication of the decision to the client.
Step 10: Formal issuance of an accreditation certificate to the client.
Step 11: Periodical surveillance assessment of the accredited client.
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