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Greenhouse Gas Accreditation (GHG) Program

The Kenya Accreditation Service (KENAS)’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) accreditation program is being developed to assess the competence of organizations conducting validation or verification activities for both greenhouse gas emission (GHG) reduction projects and greenhouse gas inventories.

Before accrediting an organization, KENAS will evaluate its practices to ensure they meet requirements set out in the ISO standard (ISO/IEC 14065) for greenhouse gas (GHG) validation and verification bodies.

Under this standard, validation and verification bodies must demonstrate that they meet the specifications set out for validating and verifying greenhouse gas assertions, and are familiar with  measuring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions, and their reduction or removal, under ISO’s greenhouse gas standards collection (ISO/IEC 14064: parts 1-3).

The overall aim of GHG validation or verification activities is to provide confidence that GHG assertions are accurate. The validation and/or verification body is responsible for completing an objective assessment and providing an evidence-based validation or verification statement concerning the GHG assertion.

The planned KENAS’s (GHG) accreditation program aims to support the Government of Kenya’s environmental sustainability agenda.

Accreditation requirements

GHG validation and/or verification bodies seeking to offer validation or verification services for industry- and/or government -specific programs should first become accredited as a validation and/or verification body under the Greenhouse Gas accreditation program.  The validation or verification body will also be assessed against any additional industry/government specific program requirements, as applicable.