Vision 2030 projects

These are projects listed within the Vision 2030 blue print and in the Medium Term Plan (MTP). They are the core projects to be implemented by the lead agencies/implementers. The projects are national, multi-sectoral and transformative in nature and have a significant impact in the acceleration of social political and economic progress of Kenya.
Kenya Accreditation Service (KENAS) has committed to partner with the respective lead agencies as a collaborating agent. The vision 2030 projects are;

  1. Support the development of SMEs with respect to accrediting inspection and certification activities providing service to these activities
  2. Provide accreditation requirements on development of the cluster policy under KIRDI
  3. Identify opportunities for accreditation of conformity assessments for Coal Mining in Kitui Iron steel mills..
  4. Other projects to be undertaken by KENAS in the 2012-2013 contract period include;
  5. Engaging other MDAs: Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Internal Security, Ministry of Agriculture on their Vision 2030 projects to accommodate accreditation.
  6. Identify opportunity for accreditation on Societies, Boards, Institutes, and Commissions on certification of personnel to support Capacity development programs.
  7. Code of Conduct for certification Bodies
  8. Development of the Accreditation Bill