Mission and Vision

Our Vision
A symbol of trust in quality, safety and environmental assurance
Our Mission
To provide greater confidence in accredited conformity assessment services to businesses, government, regulators, consumers and the public
Our Value Proposition/tagline 
…delivering trust
Our Values – iPACE
  • integrity – we are honest, impartial and trustworthy at all times with our colleagues, our customers and all stakeholders in delivering accreditation services in a fair manner and free of discrimination or preferential treatment
  • Professionalism – we value our work, deliver as a team, act in a reliable manner that depicts our collective expertise and competencies, and we take pride in our accomplishments.
  • accountability – we remain accountable to our stakeholders, exercise prudence in managing resource entrusted to us, always acknowledge responsibility for our actions and act in a transparent manner
  • customer-focused – we value and cultivate lasting relationships with our customers, and are committed to continuously meet their needs and exceed expectations in delivering accreditation services
  • excellence – we consistently follow the highest standards, apply new technologies, objectively challenge existing practices, and innovate in improving our service