Accreditation Commitee

The Accreditation Committee is an independent organ appointed vide the Legal Notice No. 55 of 2009.

The composition of the Accreditation Committee.

KENAS has an Accreditation Committee which consists of the following diverse minds:-

  • The Director of Industries (Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Cooperatives) who shall be the Chairman;
  • The Director of Standards at the Kenya Bureau of Standards;
  • The Director of Metrology at the National Metrology Institute;
  • The Chief Executive of KENAS who shall be the Secretary;
  • Not more than four persons representing conformity assessment bodies appointed by the Minister; and
  • One person representing the manufacturing and production industries appointed by the Minister.

Functions of the Accreditation Committee.

The Accreditation Committee performs the following functions:-

  •  Determines the accreditation marks or symbols and how the accreditation marks or the symbol and certificates shall be   used by registered persons and accredited bodies;
  •  Make rules to regulate its procedure and affairs to ensure independence and impartiality;
  •  Review applications for accreditation, grant renewals, suspend or cancel registration or accreditation;
  •  Hear disputes relating to registration or accreditation; and
  •  Deal with any other issue relating to accreditation.

The Accreditation Committee shall exercise its powers to cancel accreditation where:-

  • Accreditation has been obtained by fraud;
  • The accredited conformity assessment body does not comply with specified requirement or conditions for accreditation as the Accreditation Committee may prescribe;
  • The accredited body becomes insolvent;
  • The accredited conformity assessment body is declared insolvent or has had a receiving order issued against it; and
  • The accredited conformity assessment body does not pay fees prescribed by the Board when required.

The team is made up of :

1. Ambassador Jospeh Kiplagat  – Chairperson & Representative of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives.

2. Ms. Elizabeth Lutomia Nambiro –    Member.

3. Mr. George Maingi  Munyao –          Member.

4. Mr. Liston Cheruiyot Kirui –              Member.

5. Mr. James Onyango Odongo –         Member.

6. Mr. Mohamed Abdi Sheikh –            Member.

7. Mr.Titus Oyoo –                                KEBS Representative for Standards.

8. Mr. Dennis Moturi                             KEBS Representative for Metrology.

9. Mr. Martin Chesire                            CEO KENAS