PROCEDURE NAME                                                                                                     
KENAS-TS-OP-001-05 Control of Documents and Records Management
KENAS-TS-OP-003-02 Identification Management of Non-Confirmities and Corrective Actions
KENAS-TS-OP-005-02  Management of Internal Audits
 KENAS-TS-OP-006-02  Management Review
 KENAS-TS-OP-007-03  Complaints Management Procedure
 KENAS-TS-OP-008-02  Selection Engagement and Contracting of Assessment Personnel
 KENAS-TS-OP-009-02  Management of Disputes and Appeals by CABs
 KENAS -TS -OP-010-04  Management of Assessment Surveillance Re-assessment and Reporting
 KENAS-TS-OP-011-03  Procedure for Suspension, Withdrawal or Reduction and Extension of the Scope of Accreditation
 KENAS-TS-OP-013-02 Procedure for Management of Confidentiality, Impartiality, and Objectivity
 KENAS-TS-OP-016-03  Formulation of Accreditation scopes
 KENAS-TS-OP-018-03  Sampling during Assessments and Internal Audits
 KENAS-TS-OP-019-03  Procedure for Granting Accreditation
KENAS-TS-OP-020-01 Procedure for objection to assessors-experts by a CAB
KENAS-TS-OP-021-01  Procedure for Development of KENAS Criteria Documents