KENAS-GUD-001-05 Accreditation Committee Team Charter
KENAS-GUD-003-02 Assessor Guide and Terms of Reference
KENAS-GUD-004-02 Operational Guidelines for KENAS Technical Committees
 KENAS-GUD-008-03 Criteria for Quality Management Systems (QMS)
 KENAS-GUD-009-03  Criteria for Environmental management System-EMS
 KENAS-GUD-010-02  Criteria for Food Safety Management Systems-FSMS
KENAS-GUD-032-02 Guidance on Use of KENAS Marks and reference to Accredited Status
KENAS-GUD-033-01 Criteria for Accreditation of Motor Vehicle Inspection
KENAS-GUD-034-01 Criteria for the Competence of personnel undertaking engineering inspections
KENAS-GUD-035-01  Criteria for Accreditation of Inspection of Low Voltage Installations and Associated Electrical Equipment
KENAS-GUD-036-01  Criteria for Accreditation of Inspection Bodies in Pressure Vessels and Lifting Equipment Inspection
KENAS-GUD-037-01  Criteria for Accreditation of Inspection of General Cargo