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KENAS, NTSA and KEBS sign an MoU in a bid to get motor vehicle inspection services up to speed. Read more here.


Get to know more on the importance of having your calibration laboratory participating in Inter-laboratory Comparison (ILC). Download Issue 18 here

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The discussions in the agricultural sector has been on the Global GAP standards. Find out more on the role of accreditation in relation to these standards and more here.

October – December 2014 Issue

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March -April  2014 Newsletter
How many times have you read in the newspapers of a boiler explosion at company x or y that has resulted in fatal injuries or even death? Few or many?. This is evident despite
many companies boasting of having: OHSAS 18001Certification, adhering to the Occupation Health and Safety Act 2007, and even having Safety Officers at their disposal? So, for how long will this continue? Click to download a copy!

September – October 2013 Newsletter
The 4th African Accreditation Cooperation (AFRAC) General Assembly meetings were held from 21st – 26th September in Nairobi and hosted by KENAS. Hosting this international meeting was a great milestone for KENAS in that not only did we stretch our accreditation activities to all borders in Africa but also had a chance of being known in the international circles. In addition, KENAS was given its AFRAC membership just a few months after attaining membership to International Accreditation Forum (IAF). These are great strides showing our enthusiasm to grow accreditation services beyond East African borders.
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May – July 2013 issue: Medical Laboratories Accreditation      

Health and Safety for each one of us, is important and definitely a necessity. However, the growing cases of misdiagnosis and wrong treatment as shown in the media in recent months has made us realize that what we are mandated to do in KENAS can actually be the answer to such cases. Take a look at the special feature on medical laboratories and find out just how. In addition, get to understand how accreditation to these labs does in enhancing quality healthcare and reliable test results.

In other areas of this newsletter, we see the Technical Services staff enhancing their skills in the newly established standards released in 2012 and we give you snippets of the World Accreditation Day 2013 annual event.

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March – April 2013 Issue:          

In any business, reputation is something to take care of. What people say about your products, services can be an underlying factor to the success of your business and that is what we have in store for you in this issue of KENAS newsletter. Just like any other business, whether a testing, medical or veterinary laboratory; an inspection company; a food certification body etc., your business reputation needs to be something to nurture and maintain on the positive scale.On a more technical note, we have featured the basis of product certification and why you probably might need to consider checking if your desk furniture or elevator is well tested and certified for use. An interesting article written to help you understand the scope of accreditation in product certification.
The Editorial team would like to thank you all for your comments, great advice and support received from most of you since we commenced this new exciting newsletter. We are continuously improving our product for you.Thank you!    E-Newsletter:March-April

 January – February 2013 Issue

It’s all about water this month in our feature segment and the importance of testing  it – no matter its intended use -so as to  ensure safety for all. To double up our information dose, we have outlined very comprehensively what inspection and verification   accreditation is all about. Read more about this in our Jan/Feb issue of the newsletter. KENAS Newsletter Jan-Feb 2013

Welcome to the first issue of the integrated KENAS internal newsletter. This will be a monthly issue aimed at providing information on all major activities we engage in. The anticipation is that this information will help keep the KENAS family connected and consequently grow the KENAS brand. We also acknowledge all new employees who went through a thorough induction exercise on the week of their arrival in June. We are confident that together, we are capable of taking KENAS to great heights.
Volume 1. Issue 1. Sep 2012 PDF(1MB)

We are excited about this newsletter edition as it comes with very focused changes and strategies that will enable us to be informed on news on accreditation activities, trends and all news and developments about standards and accreditation. We welcome your feedback and support in this initiative.
Volume 1. Issue 2. October 2012 PDF(2.30MB)

This is the first issue that the editorial team has dedicated to a relevant and comprehensive overview of Proficiency Testing (PT) and Inter-Laboratory Comparison (ILC) with the intent of interpreting the requirements set out in ISO/IEC 17025 for labs.
Volume 1. Issue 3. November—December 2012 PDF(2.24MB)