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Find the latest news on KENAS and the Accreditation Services it offers on the main KENAS homepage under ACCREDITATION NEWS Section. Other news items are listed below:


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    Launch of Accreditation of Point of Care Testing (ISO 22870 & ISO 15189)
    Click here to access the Press Release on the Launch of Point of Care Testing (POCT) Accreditation.
    Click here to access the presentation on UNITAID/EGPAF Project to Optimize Early Infant HIV Diagnosis through the Introduction of POCT.
    Click here to access the POCT In Canada and at ISO/TC 212 Presentation.
    Click here to access the presentation on CDC and support for POCT Accreditation.
    Click here to access Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CSLI) Presentation on POCT.
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    World Accreditation Day 2017

    The World Accreditation Day was held on 9th June, 2017 at Ole Sereni Hotel. The event was a full day’s activities with presentations from stakeholders in the Construction industry. Click below to download the World Accreditation Day 2017 brochure and presentations:
    WAD 2017 brochure

    1. Quality of building materials and the impact on construction
    2. Testing of materials used for construction
    3. Standards: Bringing sanity in the construction sector
    4. Energy Efficiency Standards and implementation in buildings and infrastructure
    5. Globalization and the construction industry in Kenya
    6. Improvement in mobility within Nairobi County
    7. Status and challenges in the construction industry

    The theme for this year’s annual event is: Delivering Confidence in Construction and the Built Environment. Click here for the joint statement and the brochure.  For a version of the brochure in French, download it here.

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    Public Sector Assurance Website Visit the Public Sector Assurance website to access case studies that illustrate the value of conformity assessment, from around the world in key policy areas. These studies are backed up with research.
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    ISO 17021- 2015 Transition Document